An exclusive members-only VIP Program

Investment: $149 per month



VIP member benefits include:

  • 1 IV Therapy Cocktail per month

  • 1 B12 Booster Injection per month


Additional Beauty Bank Benefits 

  • 30% Off additional IV Therapy Treatments

  • 30% Off add-ons

  • Bonus refer a friend and they will receive 20% Off their first IV Therapy Treatment

  • Exclusive access to all clinic promotions & events

Frequently asked questions

Do unused credits roll-over monthly?

Yes. Any full unused IV Treatments or B12 Booster Injections will remain as a credit in your account for upto 6 months from the date of it was earned.

What happens if I cancel my Vitamindrip Membership?

At that time, all unused membership credits will be converted into store credit, at the rate of $149 per month of unused service credits. That credit may be converted into a gift card or used toward spa services or retail products. Note: Your member discount will no longer be applicable.

Can I suspend my membership?

Yes. Memberships may be temporarily suspended for up to 3 months. During your suspension period, you are still able to access your member benefits; however, you will not be charged monthly or accrue additional credits. After your three-month suspension, you must restart or cancel your membership.

Can I share my membership credits with friends/family?

No. Services are non-transferable, membership credits must be used by the person to whom the membership is registered. Membership credits may not be refunded as cash but can be converted to store credit upon cancellation. Exceptions may be made by in the case of severe circumstances such as illness, pregnancy, or death.

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